Poker Alice – The First Great Female Poker Player


Poker was a popular pastime in the Wild West, and Hollywood pays homage to many films in this sport that revolve around poker or feature it in one of its scenes. What Hollywood doesn’t say is that all the poker players were men. Sure, it was a macho society where gambling was almost a “man’s job,” but there were a few women ahead of their time who actually played it professionally.

One of the most famous female poker players of the 1880s was Poker Alice. She was a smart, independent, and colorful woman who would rather let stereotypes keep her from meeting men on the table as equals — something denied to most frontier women. Despite this prejudice, many of the “tough” men who outplayed Poker Alice asked her if she could join a game, about $ 225,000 in her sixty-year career situs judi qq online.

Poker Alice was born in England in 1851. Her real name was Alice Ivers. When she was three years old, her parents decided to migrate to America and it was there that she found poker.

Alice’s father was a schoolmaster, and her mother raised her to be the “prim” and “proper” lady. She studied in a seminary of fashionable women, and when she was 20 years old, she did the “respectable” thing and married a wealthy and educated mining engineer, Frank Duffield.

Duffield was an avid poker player, and Alice dutifully accompanied him on his games. She learned to play. Then, the couple moved to Leadville (the largest and most lawless mining town in Colorado). Tragically, her husband was killed in a mining accident, and she had no way of returning home and no job to support herself. So she put her mind to gambling skills, and became known for her not only Colorado but her delicate beauty but also her incredible poker skills. She defied all stereotypes by wearing a gorgeously feminine dress while wearing a cigar, and though she was bluffing at a master and could outwit (and outskirts) the best of them, she decided to gamble on Sundays. Alice’s motto was, “Praise the Lord and place your bets. I’ll take your money with no regrets.”

Alice’s fame spread from Colorado across the country, and America was the “beautiful lady gambler” of talk with a buzz. Gambling halls scrambled to invite her to play at their salons, knowing people would be able to flock, meet or even play against her.

Alice’s reputation was well deserved. In Gold City, New Mexico, she set the record at the Gold Dust Gambling House winning $ 6,000 in one evening.

Bob Ford (the killer of Jesse James) hired her to work as a dealer in his tent saloon. Alice happily returned to a quieter life, marrying another dealer, W. G. Tubbs. Unfortunately, he died of pneumonia in the middle of a blizzard, and she drove 50 miles for her body in harsh weather conditions just to give him a decent burial.

Alice went back to gambling, and opened a roadhouse called “Poker’s Palace.” She was already 70 years old, but she was still sprightly, even shooting a self-defense in a Calvary trooper. “At my age I suppose I should be knitting,” she’d say, “But I would rather eat than five or six ‘experts’ with a play poker.”

Poker Alice was a legend. She died in 1930 at the age of 80.

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Prompt Lottery Tickets – How to Earn Cash with Dropping Lottery Tickets


Getting and scratching immediate lottery tickets is some thing that nearly everyone has done at a moment or another. For a few folks it’s most likely some thing they perform too usually. I guess for me, the bad purchasing addiction is crap foods. If I’d spent extra money to instant lottery tickets through the years, I may have been rich right today rather than obese. Like anything, whether it’s food or gambling you certainly must take action in moderation, and that is usually not simple to do.

Here from the state of Pennsylvania where I stay, the first scrape ticket arrived on the scene in 1975, plus they will have been a significant hit every single since dominoqq.

I have obtained quick lottery tickets of each and every readily available budget within my own state. I typically buy the $1 – month 2 tickets, but once in awhile I obtain a $5 – $10 ticket, also a moment I purchased a $20 minute ticket. I won absolutely nothing over the $20 ticket, perhaps not maybe $1 or even a totally free ticket, and so that was like throwing off my 20. You’d feel that with having to spend that money, they’d give everyone else at least a free of charge $ inch ticket or some other thing. I thought later I had been kinda absurd for spending and paying just $20 using a single ticket, however heck as they say,”In case you really don’t drama you can not win!” , this is a bet, also I didn’t win this moment; point. I’ve understood two people who each won about $20,000 on instant lottery tickets. I can say for certain,”yes, so some people do win it big”

As opposed to the lottery that is usually drawn by selecting amounts, the instant lottery is set months prior of it’s launch. The tickets are designed and printed, then they’re distributed to the lottery shops throughout the state. Most modest advantage stores offer you immediate lottery tickets, and the massive chain outlets. You may usually see them in a vending machine with multiple models and price ranges to select from, or they’re in the cashiers location about the counter tops or supporting a shielded section. Instant lottery tickets offer for only $1 as high as 20 per year generally in the majority of nations of this U.S. but a few states could have tickets which sell for much more compared to 20 per year.

Countries do instant lotteries to support finance many distinctive programs. For example in Pennsylvania, the lottery is currently utilised to generate capital to gain plans such as the Commonwealth’s elderly citizens. Back in Ohio, as 1974, the Lottery has provided more than $ 1-3 billion into people education. The lottery provides about 4.5 percentage of their funding required to get Ohio’s public education. In Missouri, roughly 27.3 cents of every dollar spent on Lottery positive aspects schooling packages; 61.6 pennies goes back to people as prizes, 5 cents can be useful for administrative expenses along with 6.1 cents goes to shops at the shape of commissions, incentives and bonuses. In all, more than 9 3 cents of every dollar remains in Missouri. It is very different for each state, however, the lottery is extremely favorable regardless of the couple issues it can result in a few, at the shape of gambling addictions.

Most folks buy instantaneous (scrape off) tickets, and also whether they don’t really win anythingthey throw the tickets from the trash. Were you aware that every single time you throw a losing instant lottery ticket at the trash, you’re throwing money away? Yes, there are literally hundreds or even 1000s of folks around the world which will really like to buy your tickets from you. I have found falling lottery tickets sell for as large as $15 each, these had been tickets that experienced no redeemable value. I once went along to a local convenience shop and asked them if I could have a bag of shedding instant lottery tickets I watched they’d to the ground supporting the countertops. The clerk gladly gave me them , I took the tickets after assessing them through I identified two that were $1 winners which weren’t redeemed, also that I sold the remaining losing tickets for $30, and the shop was simply going to throw them away.

Where Can I market them? On e bay. I happened to look a single afternoon and that I found that there was losing instant lottery tickets available for sale on the eBay auction website. You’ll find individuals promoting non-winning, so called’worthless’ lottery tickets on eBay all the moment; point. I only did an internet search today though writing this piece, and I found on 100 distinct auction listings to these. Who buys these non-winning lottery tickets? Collectors.

Prompt Lottery Ticket gathering is fast being a large point. You will find groups and individuals around the world, that love collecting lottery tickets. You can find several sites, discussion forums and groups currently just for lottery ticket collecting. In reality there’s even a brand new name or term to get an immediate lottery ticket collector: LOTOLOGIST, and also the instantaneous lottery ticket collecting hobby is called: LOTOLOGY. To find how big the hobby is becoming only come to your favorite search engine, such as GOOGLE, also do a search for: lotologist OR lotology. And you’ll find a number of sites accumulating, selling and buying used non-winning immediate lottery tickets.

One particular unique web site is that the’Pennsylvania Lottery Merchandise Museum’ – They will get or accept donations of Pennsylvania Lottery products. The Museum has a lot of their lottery products on the Web for individuals to readily view, you May Visit the museum in this Site address:

There is Computer computer software that is designed only for accumulating instant lottery tickets. The Computer Software is called:’ Lottery Ticket Collector Professional’, you May Download and try the software for free at the website address:

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