Is Online Poker Legitimate Or Manipulated?


Recently, a well-known and respected online poker site has been charged with game manipulation of allegations, which are effective ways on these players. After some legal and commissioned scrutiny into the matter, it was determined that the site had insiders ‘accounts, that enabled them to see their opponents’ hands, thus creating an unfair advantage.

The effected site had a disgruntled (or at least, disingenuous) former employee create what is known as a “Super User” account at their site. This account, as the name implies, enabled its user to “see” all of his / her opponents, when in a poker room. Obviously, this allowed this user to fold when they needed to do so, and bet aggressively, when the hand they held was a reason to do so slot deposit pulsa.

This super user of the rooms that players played, started a smelling rat, when the user would never lose, and would repeatedly win hands, even when the others in the room had strong hands. These players wound up reporting on their findings to the poker forum bulletin boards first, and also to the facts of the poker rooms’ management staff. After the gambling commissions of the site, the management of the poker rooms’ management admitted that a former employee had, in fact, created this account, and had used it inappropriately for self-gain.

As it turns out, the online poker site had an established administrative procedure to permit such accounts to be created and tested for their purposes. Unfortunately, the wrong disingenuous person got this functionality on his hands. The online poker site combines all of their hand histories, where this illegal player was playing, and all the players who were reimbursed by these improper acts.

As a result of this escapade, online players have begun to question the merits of online poker sites, and whether the gameplay is fair or whether it is unfairly manipulated. This is the author’s belief that online poker is the most important part of the up-and-coming, but there is always an opportunity for the unscrupulous activity, as with any other business. Here are some comforting ideas, in support of the merits of online poker:

Regulation Abound – Many of the most popular and reputable sites are Reputable Gaming Commissions by Regulated (in their Jurisdiction). These commissions have strict rules and accounting principles that must be adhered to, or the site runs the risk of losing their license. Routinely, these gaming commissions audit the online poker sites’ systems, and look for abnormalities. Moreover, some of the most famous online poker sites are public companies, that are held accountable in additional public manners.

Random function – Every reputable poker site’s card generation software is a “random” function of computer software. This function, in most computer programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčtoday, uses an algorithm that legitimately randomizes the selection of a card. These random functions are the same used by randomized lottery systems.

Lookout on Players – Many players that participate in online poker, are always on the poker site of any “strange” functional behavior. Anything can be immediately reported to the poker site’s management team and the governing gaming commission. Also, with the creation of the Internet of Thrones, the Internet of Things is about the Internet of Things. This helps create a checks-and-balances philosophy between the user community and the poker sites themselves.

Reputation – The most popular and reputable poker sites that cheat or have allegations of cheating associated with their site. A bad reputation means instant loss in credibility, which will severely impact the site’s bottom line. Credible poker sites cheating with the stigma associated with affordability.

Software – Keep in mind that a poker site’s functionality is only as good as its design and implementation and testing of its software engineers. Poor design will lead to poor game results, which lead to a tarnished reputation. Quality poker sites spend lots of time and money developing their software or licensing their software from reputable software development houses.

In summary, it is paramount to the importance of patronizing reputable and licensed online poker sites, that exhibit the quality and characteristics noted above. Although there is no 100% guarantee that your poker experience will be legitimate, the odds of this being a credible and reputable site when you patronize.

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