The Poker Patience Principle – 3 Keys to Success When Practicing Patience in Poker


Poker in Patience is a key to a successful poker career. Before you’ve heard it, “Patience is a virtue.” Probably heard from your Mom more than a hundred times!

However, when it comes to winning Texas Hold ‘Em there is no finer advice dominoqq.

Please understand and don’t play with confused patience. They are two different things completely. You can be a very aggressive player and patient at the same time.

Patience is an absolute must. Patience is a great poker player who becomes the absolute key. What we don’t see on TV are the hours that the players actually play during the game. Some of them take forever!

A great player will wait as long as they need to pounce on the right hand. They may wait for a great starting hand, limp in and find some gold on the flop or bluff their way to riches. The bottom line is they are just the right moment to wait and wait.

How do you know that moment?

Experience is one way. The second way is deciding to play patiently. Choose to play in a patient manner and good things will happen. I promise.

3 Keys to Success When Practicing Patience in Poker

Key 1 – Wait for the Right Time to Make Your Move (s)

This is probably the most important key of all. Unfortunately, some of the skill comes with knowing when to make your moves. The only way to get experience is to play, of course.

However, its important to understand that waiting for the right hand does not mean it has a monster hand. On the contrary sometimes. You may find yourself with A, 6 off suit and it may be the right time to play a big raise and steal the blinds. But you can only make that play when you’ve got a read on your opponents. Which leads us to key 2.

Key 2 – Get your opponents on a read-through to play patiently

By showing patience and not playing, every hand that is dealt with and in turn chasing everything down.

When you slow down your play and choose to play premium hands most of the time you can get a feel for what everyone else is doing at the table. How the bet. What they raise. How much they raise. Do the bluff. If so, when do they bluff. Are they tight. Or aggressive, loose, etc.

The advantages are that once you can read your opponents you know how to play your hands moving forward. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you cards are. You’ll simply be the person playing. For example, you know that Player C is always a big raise when folded. So when it comes down to you and Player C you can have an inferior hand but you may place a big raise and steal the pot you know Player C is going to fold.

Key 3 – Avoid getting Bored and Frustrated.

This is so important. In fact, this may be the case with most people. People play online poker because it is fast moving and fun. So many of them play “good” cards when they get bored.

So what do they do?

That’s right they start playing crappy hands.

You’ll do this anyway because you know the fastest way to lose all your money. Sure you may get lucky and know again. But, in general, you are simply starting playing hands because you are getting a bored novice poker player. And a sign of a losing poker player.

Please do not get this key confused with key # 1. If it’s the right time for you to make a move with an inferior hand then go for it. What I’m talking about is that you simply get bored and frustrated with no catching cards.

Be patient. The cards will come. I promise!

Next step: Fortunes are made online poker every day. But you need a proven system and strategies to follow.

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